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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Challenges and Goals!

I'm doing battle with the scale these days...I've gained about 10 pounds so now I am a little chubbier than I like to be and almost out of room in my current pants. I have a great deal of incentive to lose this weight, because if I don't I will need to go shopping to buy a new wardrobe. And I really hate shopping, even in thrift stores.

The main reason for this weight gain, I think, is that I have become pretty lazy. So I am setting a goal to get in shape so I can be ready to start the next Fleet Feet half-marathon training program, which starts January 2. The target race is one that I've run before, the Sacramento Shamrock'n. The fitness threshold for this program is the following: be able to run 6 miles and be running about 20 miles/week. And of course, be injury-free. So, that's my goal from now through December.

Wish me luck! I want to keep wearing my old clothes!

Here are the tools I'm using for the next month to keep me active; I'll have to layer in running as well.

VIPs - a local running strength and training group that meets twice a week
Run to the Finish - Holiday Challenge Edition
High Intensity Interval Training - Beginners